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Your Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Ethics is YOUR choice

Your company’s written employee handbook may include a Code of Ethics or a Code of Conduct.

It may specify in detail what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior, listing bullet points to set the company’s expectations. But do you see this Code of Ethics lived out in the work day?

It all begins with each individual’s personal Code of Ethics.

Susan’s sense of humor and real life stories drive home the point that ethics really are simply a choice…your choice…and that choice makes a difference.

Straight out of the news headlines and current events, Susan addresses what it means to have ethical standards, what and who influences our ethics and how one can lose their sense of ethics.

But, taking it one step further, how do our own ethics affect our work?

Come learn the following key thoughts:

  • What is ethics?
  • How do ethics encompass all you are involved in?
  • What and who influences ethics?
  • How can a business develop their Code of Ethics?

How is your current Code of Ethics working for you in your work, home, with friends, with family?

This course makes attendees think and provides them the opportunity for a breath of fresh air regarding their own personal ethics. Another unique presentation from Susan, this course uses animation to talk seriously with the audience about the daunting topic of ethics.


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