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Getting The Most Out of QuickBooks In Your Practice

If this economy has taught us anything, it is that we better understand our finances! This book is a complete reference regarding using QuickBooks specifically for your practice.

Easy to understand, step-by-step instructions guide the reader through simulated tasks, such as entering deposits, writing checks, entering a bill and paying bills, reconciling your bank statements, creating payroll, paying taxes and much more. Learn the importance of a Practice Management Chart of Accounts, Financial Organization layout, and using a Petty Cash Form.

Written by Susan Gunn and recommended for novice and skilled users, this comprehensive book takes you beyond tax accounting, to managing your practice and understanding your reports.

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Advanced QuickBooks In Your Practice

This book is for practices that want to go beyond everyday use:

  • Online banking – bank & credit cards
  • Budgets
  • Staff advances
  • Journal entries
  • Cleaning up company data
  • Embezzlement prevention, etc. – not daily tasks

For use with QuickBooks Pro, this book is “Volume 2” of Getting The Most Out Of QuickBooks In Your Practice. Available for QuickBooks Pro versions 2020 – 2018 only.
This guide is an everyday convenient QuickBooks reference. Compact to stand beside your monitor, these guides provide concise steps to the top 15 tasks.
Also included is The QuickReference Guide solely containing precise steps with no narrative for easy reference!

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QuickBooks Complete Package

Save money by purchasing the QuickBooks Complete Package, including:

  • Getting The Most Out Of QuickBooks In Your Practice
  • Advanced QuickBooks
  • The QuickReference Guide
  • Great value and information, a vast QuickBooks library for your practice!
  • Visit our online store to purchase Advanced QuickBooks in Your Practice.

QuickBooks is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc

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Money In, Money Out Paperback

Money In, Money Out: Financial Organization In Your Practice available now on Amazon

Susan pulls from her 24 years of working with practices nationally to help them understand the business side of the practice and how to organize their financial information by implementing systems and procedures to help protect the practice from embezzlement. Valuable advice from notable industry thought leaders are included as well as great downloadable resources.

Susan’s 40th book, Money In, Money Out offers readers a mesmerizing plot line about financial organization and the spellbinding romantic relationship between the three major players: #1 Accounts Receivable (Money In), #2 Accounts Payable (Money Out) and #3 what’s left at the end of the day in your bank account!

Industry thought leaders include: Teresa Duncan, Kate Willeford, Theresa Narantic, Debbie Castagna, Virginia Moore, Sally McKenzie, and many more. This book should be read and implemented by every practice to organize the financial flow in a practice.


Matters of the Heart

Matters Of The Heart: A Journey in Caring For Aging Loved Ones now available on Amazon

Susan actually began her business while caring for her aging parents. There were a few things she learned along the way and shares her heartfelt stories and checklists in this amazing book.

From Susan:  At the end of my mom’s life, she started encouraging me to write a book about our 16 year journey together. It took a few years and lots of conversations before I embarked on the journey of writing about it, though I had already written over 35 books of a completely different genre.

At the end of the writing, I wrote the book I wish I would have had before, during and after my caregiving. The reader’s responses have been an outpouring of gratefulness for the information and the honesty for which it was given. For them, for you, I wrote this book.