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Speaker, Author, Consultant, Fraud Examiner

Riveting Speaker.            Relatable Author.            Reliable Business Consultant.            Ruthless Fraud Examiner.

From corporate boardrooms to small business back rooms, Susan Gunn has seen it all.

With 30 years in healthcare financial organization consulting, she has earned her title as Healthcare’s Financial Organization Expert.

Susan has coached thousands of healthcare practices on how to get financially organized with both the practice software (accounts receivable), mastering their Accounts Payable software (QuickBooks et al), and have improved their business’s systems protection against employee theft.

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Lead with Integrity.

After many years in corporate America, Susan set out to build the business she knew doctors needed.

When it comes to being both Doctor and Business Owner, there are unique financial challenges to face.

If you have not read her beneficial words, read her books, her articles or her blog.

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If you need specific insight and wisdom, give her a call (888-994-3167) or send her an email or book an appointment.

Not taking the opportunity to learn from Susan is your loss when there are so many available options.

What do you have to gain?  You can learn:

Working with Susan is informative, encouraging, insightful and fun!  What are you waiting for?

what people are saying about susan Gunn

Speaker, Author, Consultant, Fraud Examiner

“She is truly one of the hardest working, most genuine, most knowledgeable persons in our industry.”
– Kevin Henry

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“It was a roll of the dice to have her speak on ethics, and I was actually biting my nails a bit…but it was a huge, huge hit. She got…some of the highest ratings we’ve ever had at a conference.”
– Teresa Duncan

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