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Speaker, Author, Consultant, Fraud Examiner

Riveting Speaker, Relatable Author, Reliable Business Consultant, Ruthless Fraud Examiner

From corporate board rooms to small business back rooms, Susan Gunn has seen it all.

Known as the Financial Organizational Expert for the healthcare industry, Susan has working with thousands of professionals around the world, advising and guiding on how to best implement sound business practices.

Lead with Integrity.

More than just a mantra, Susan’s passion for ethics extends to all aspects of life.  From hundreds of speaking engagements at conventions and study clubs, to thousands of online consulting appointments, and with thirty-nine books and countless articles written ––Susan lets no stone go unturned.

During her time working in corporate America, she noticed a lack of financial organization and understanding among dentists and others in the healthcare industry.  Armed with a degree in psychology and a background in management and criminology, she set out to build a business that would empower practices by giving them the tools they need for their financial success.

Susan now has over 20 years of business automation and computer financial software experience, and can safely say she has examined every embezzlement excuse in the book.

what people are saying about susan Gunn

Speaker, Author, Consultant, Fraud Examiner

“She is truly one of the hardest working, most genuine, most knowledgeable persons in our industry.”
– Kevin Henry

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“It was a roll of the dice to have her speak on ethics, and I was actually biting my nails a bit…but it was a huge, huge hit. She got…some of the highest ratings we’ve ever had at a conference.”
– Teresa Duncan

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Speaker, Author, Consultant, Fraud Examiner

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Sound Sense from Susan

Speaker, Author, Consultant, Fraud Examiner

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