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“As a dentist who experienced embezzlement by an office manager, I highly recommend Susan Gunn and her services.

Her ethical standards are impeccable, and her skills in investigating embezzlement are outstanding. Her reports were thorough and even complimented on by the police.

She provided valuable insight into helping me protect my practice from future incidents, and her guidance has been invaluable in helping me recover from this nightmare. Thank you, Susan!”

According to the American Dental Associations Council for Dental Practice 2018 Survey On Employee Theft In The Dental Practice,

49.64% responded an employee had stolen from the practice.

Of that 49.64% that responded:

    • 54.32% reported one embezzlement
    • 22.84% reported two embezzlements
    • 4.94% reported three embezzlements
  • 17.9% reported four or more embezzlements

The survey also stated that 48.87% of those respondents did their own investigations, with only 23.21% filing for criminal prosecution. Only 64.5% fired the employee.

Previous to this survey, most believed that the rate was 3 out of 5 practices falling victim to embezzlement. 

Even with the survey, Susan still believes, if you own a practice for thirty years, you will encounter some form of employee theft during that time. To believe otherwise is naïve.

You may have a gut feeling that something is off with your practice.

You may have come to this webpage looking for answers, someone to help you figure out what’s gnawing at you.

Maybe it was something you overheard that has caused you to wonder. 

After all, it could not possibly be true that someone you have trusted so implicitly could ever do something spiteful as steal from you, right?

That’s where Susan comes in.

How a fraud investigation works?

A free consultation (30 minutes) evaluates whether there is just cause to proceed. Having concern is not always a reason to spend the money. A fraud investigation is not cheap as it involves many hours of expert analysis and compilation. Susan may instead recommend an Ask The Expert call, of which, if embezzlement is found, the cost goes toward a needed investigation.

Susan’s fraud examinations are conducted remotely and covertly after hours so as to not interfere with the clinical business of the practice. In very rare circumstances the investigation requires in practice work. Susan requires Logmein for remote access due to its reliability and ability to print documents to a pdf on SGS’ computers, not the practice’s computer.

Susan also requires access to all financial documents (bank, credit card, merchant card services, practice software, etc.) in order to ensure accuracy.

The number of years examined is dependent upon the number of years the alleged subject has been employed by the practice. Fraud examinations can begin with one year, proceeding back in time to when the theft began, if needed.

What sets Susan’s fraud investigations apart?

Susan throws uninformative examination results out the window. 

You will never just receive a phone call with “Sorry, nothing was found.” 

Regardless of the findings, you will always receive a full report after an investigation. You will know what was, or was not, found and get the supporting documentation and reports to back it up. This report is detailed and can be provided to law enforcement for prosecution.

Two reports. One investigation.

After meticulously combing through financial information and your systems and procedures, Susan also takes the time to compile an additional valuable report on suggested internal controls to strengthen your practice. It is important to strengthen systems and procedures to help prevent the same thing from happening again.

“I walk with you to the end.”

Susan works with law enforcement and the judicial system, providing information and explanations as needed, as well as works with you and your attorney to develop any victim statement needed by the court.

Susan’s Commitment to YOU

When you are afraid someone you have trusted in your practice has embezzled, you need to know how to proceed and whom you are calling.

Susan is a Certified Fraud Examiner and a member of the world’s largest international anti-fraud organization, The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. As a CFE, she is trained and thoroughly tested in preventing, detecting and investigating fraud, as well as abiding by American federal laws.

As an Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor with a degree in psychology, she sees beyond the numbers to the behaviors and personalities lurking beneath. Susan has worked with professional practices for over twenty-four years, keeping up to date with their practice software and developing financial systems and procedures.

She has extensive resources, regularly works with law enforcement, and provides expert witness testimony in embezzlement cases. She keeps her toolbox sharp and relevant to today’s technologies by attending annual Continuing Education courses and conventions. And she holds herself to a stringent ethical standard.

In addition to the ACFE’s standards, Susan commits the following to you:

  • The utmost professionalism, confidentiality, and integrity
  • High moral standards in all of her professional conduct
  • An investigation conducted solely by an experienced Certified Fraud Examiner
  • Discreet & thorough examination of all case related financial records
  • A comprehensive understanding of healthcare systems and procedures
  • A working liaison with law enforcement, judicial system, and insurance companies

Do not ignore the problem; it will not heal itself.  Act now.

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