Speaker, Author, Consultant, Fraud Examiner

"Susan Gunn is one of our most requested repeat speakers! She has presented at the Star of the North Meeting several times over the years on everything from QuickBooks, Ethics, Embezzlement and Matters of the Heart.

Her QuickBooks courses are full of practical information that can easily be implemented on Monday morning and attendees laugh while they are learning.

The Ethics and Embezzlement courses provide much needed guidelines and real‐world stories that every dental practitioner should be aware of. These are tough topics, but Susan engages her audience with laughter and common sense.

And her Caregiving presentation will touch your heart.

Many attendees walk out of her programs calling it ‘life-changing’. Her repertoire of programs offers a good variety which makes her an ideal speaker for any dental meeting."

Shannon Cook, CMP
Minnesota Dental Association

What People Are Saying About Susan’s Speaking

“You are amazing! Your message was so authentic, humorous, moving and touched a chord with everyone.”

“The low maintenance Diva of speaking – easy going and easy to please! We will definitely be inviting [Susan] back!”

“Your speaking skills are unmatched as you have provided us again with outstanding course content that has compelled me to action! This is my third time to hear you speak and I learn something new each time! Your integrity, your enthusiasm and your heart shows in its care for us!”

“Susan is a fantastic presenter – enthusiastic, funny and passionate about a topic that would normally be boring. I learned so much and loved it!”

“Susan is a great speaker who never minces words. You may not like what she says, but you need to hear what she says!”

“Susan is a very energetic and great teacher. SHE is what I liked best…I can really tell she loves what she does AND she is good at it! I am very happy to have her as a ‘valuable resource’ for my practice!”

“Great lecture, love the enthusiasm. I have a lot of work to do on Monday!”

“I enjoyed all the stories – they give urgency on implementing suggestions!”

“This was fantastic! Thank you for all the time and energy spent. You were great and I came away with lots of tips!”

“It’s time for me to focus on my numbers. Thanks for all your tips!”

“Wonderful content!!! I could listen to her all day.”

“Susan’s ‘tricks of the trade’ are so simple and down to earth. You can literally go home and start using them!”

“Great info – very practical! Susan is a great speaker!

“I have been using QuickBooks for five and a half years now, and I STILL learned new things from your course! I would recommend your seminar to the beginner AND to the experienced user both! Thanks again!”

“Susan is truly a gifted teacher.”

“Engaging, energetic, informative. Lots of valuable information.”

“Susan is amazing as always! So much good info!”


What People Are Saying About Susan’s Products & Services

“I contracted Susan’s Money In, Money Out Coaching services because I am readying my practice to sell in a few years. OMG – I wish I had done this much sooner to enjoy the fruit of these systems for much longer than what is ahead. Susan is tough, holds my feet to the fire but the result is quite satisfying.”

“It was a hard road to walk on but I did it with you by my side. Thanks for the spot on embezzlement reports that I could easily hand to the police here. The police even complimented about how well it was written. As you say, facts are facts! And having a second report to help me oversee the future of the practice has truly helped me hone the business side. Thanks again for all your work. You really do go the extra mile.” (Embezzlement Investigation)

“Thanks for your help last Tuesday evening. It was good to go through the Ask The Expert process and set our minds at ease. Our time with you was valuable and the cost was reasonable for the information shared and understanding gained.”

“Thanks to your methods, I caught an employee stealing, very early.” (Ask The Expert)

“The Financial Practice Analysis is just what we doctors needed! We had no idea the ‘broken’ areas of our practice and the information we gained has given us a platform for future success. It was an amazing well spent time with you! Thank you so much.”

“Don’t take on the challenge of setting up your QuickBooks by yourself. Let Susan’s expertise guide you! Her book and consulting were the answers to my needs.” (QuickBooks EasyStart)

“Hiring Susan to help me clean up my practice’s QuickBooks (Extreme Makeover) was the best investment I have made since becoming a dentist nine years ago. Now it all makes sense. Thanks so much, Susan.”

“Susan tells me what to do step by step, and I feel very comfortable asking her ‘stupid’ questions.” (QuickBooks Prepaid Support)

“I’ve read your books cover to cover several times and learn something new every time. You did such a great job with the layout; it makes it an easy, non-intimidating read. Thanks so much!”

“After the course, I bought the QuickBooks Prepaid Support to have Susan fix my QuickBooks from all the mistakes I had made, AND to make my account list the Practice Management Chart of Accounts. The result was nothing short of a miracle. And NOW I can completely understand my finances! Unbelievable. Thanks, Susan.”

“Susan has a non-intimidating, approachable and passionate heart about a typically boring and necessary evil. Thanks for making this easy!”