Speaker, Author, Consultant, Fraud Examiner

Has your practice production increased but your bank deposits do not reflect that increase?

Do you know how to create a back to back accountability between your practice software and QuickBooks / CPA, with easy oversight?

Do you know what reports to review for your practice? Do you understand those reports?

Do you have the right systems in place – end of day, end of week, end of month, end of year? 

Do you feel a little bewildered when looking at (or even thinking about) the business side of your practice?

Do you have a gut feeling that something is “off” in your practice, but you can’t seem to put your finger on it? 

You are not alone.

Whether you have questions about your practice’s financial security or organization of its business flow, Susan Gunn has a solution. After completing worksheets regarding your practice, the practice owner and Susan will spend two hours together, via remote access, reviewing the practice software and financial systems.

Together, you develop an financial organization plan for the business of your practice. 

Learn to look at your data through the Expert’s Eyes.

It is time to Ask the Expert if:

  • need to know how to protect your practice against embezzlement
  • want to learn how to review your practice’s reports
  • want to review your existing systems
  • want to better manage the business of the practice

And if embezzlement is discovered during the time together, the cost of the Ask The Expert is credited to the resulting Fraud Examination or a Financial Practice Analysis.

Ask The Expert clients have called this the best two hours they have spent digging into the business of their practice.

Whether you own one practice or two or many…

Expert Lead, Client Controlled.  It is your call, quite literally.

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