Money In, Money Out Business Coaching


Are you a new dentist that is a little lost on what should be happening financially in your practice?  Are you having to go by what your team members say they did in other practices?

Are you an existing dentist that knows there should be a better way to manage than what has happened the past few years?

This unique coaching opportunity is completely customizable to your practice, developing system and procedure enhancement needs. Implemented after an Ask The Expert Conference Call, coaching can include defining the back-to-back accountability needs, teaching the practice management reports needing review, how often and when, and how to manage those needs monthly and quarterly, and so much more.

Susan can guide you through the day-to-day business management needs in a concise, easy to follow format. Utilizing current technology, this remote coaching is not designed to be long term but to be short term as needed, and affordable.

Due to limiting the number of clients being coached at one time, please call to discuss if this is the best fit for what your practice needs.