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Fraud Examination

Practice embezzlement is at an all-time high with 3 out of 5 practices falling victim. So, if you own a practice for thirty years, you will encounter some form of employee theft during that time.

Maybe it was something that was said that has caused you to wonder. Maybe you suspect all your patient payments are not being deposited. Maybe you found something and you do not know what to do. That’s where Susan comes in.

What sets my fraud investigations apart?

Susan throws uninformative examination results out the window. You will never just receive a phone call with “Sorry, nothing was found.” Regardless of the findings, you will always receive a full report after an investigation. You will know what was, or was not, found and get the supporting documentation and reports to back it up. This report is detailed and can be provided to law enforcement for prosecution.

Two reports. One investigation.

After meticulously combing through financial information and your systems and procedures, Susan also takes the time to compile a report on suggested internal controls to strengthen your practice. It is important to strengthen systems and procedures to help prevent the same thing from happening again.

“I walk with you to the end.”

Susan works with law enforcement and the judicial system, providing information and explanation as needed, and will also work with you and your attorney to develop any victim statement needed by the court.

Susan’s Commitment to YOU

When you are afraid someone you have trusted in your practice has embezzled, you need to know how to proceed and whom you are calling.

Susan is a Certified Fraud Examiner and a member of the world’s largest international anti-fraud organization, The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. As a CFE, she is trained and thoroughly tested in preventing, detecting and investigating fraud, as well as abiding by American federal laws.

As an Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor with a degree in psychology, she sees beyond the numbers to the behaviors and personalities lurking beneath. Susan has worked with professional practices for over twenty-one years, keeping up with their practice software and developing financial systems and procedures.

She has extensive resources, regularly works with law enforcement, and provides expert witness testimony in embezzlement cases. She keeps her toolbox sharp and relevant to today’s technologies by attending annual Continuing Education courses and conventions. And she holds herself to a stringent ethical standard.

In addition to the ACFE’s standards, Susan commits the following to you:

  • The utmost professionalism, confidentiality, and integrity
  • High moral standards in all of her professional conduct
  • An investigation conducted solely by a Certified Fraud Examiner
  • Discreet & thorough examination of all case related financial records
  • A comprehensive understanding of healthcare systems and procedures
  • A liaison with law enforcement, judicial system, and insurance companies

Call or send me an email and let me know when to call you.

Don’t ignore the problem; it will not heal itself.  Act now.

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Financial Practice Analysis

Has your practice ever had a full financial analysis? Not the IRS, not your CPA, but an entirely unbiased third party review of your financial systems and procedures. If not, now is the time!

Whether you are unsure if you are maximizing your financial systems, about to bring in a new associate, or thinking of selling your practice, a full financial analysis will give you peace of mind. Or maybe you just want assurance that the right systems are in place to help prevent embezzlement in your practice.

A Financial Practice Analysis is a remote process so as not to disturb your practice. It focuses on the aspect of your practice that is not owner controlled. If the practice owner manages the accounts payable (checks and credit card), then it is not necessary to include.

Whats in it for you?

  • Compares the practice software with all financial institution records, analyzing patient, insurance, and patient plan payments
  • An in-depth analysis of the adjustment reports with the Audit Trail Report
  • Examines existing adjustments, whether they are acceptable and appropriate
  • Evaluates additional areas recognized as potential breaches of internal controls
  • One detailed report
  • If embezzlement is detected, the cost of the Financial Practice Analysis rolls into the cost of the Fraud Examination.

A typical analysis takes 3 weeks to complete, dependent upon available necessary documentation. Additionally, a two-hour follow-up phone call with the doctor will address any action plans determined by the review or any questions.

The Financial Practice Analysis requires doctor participation and must be ordered by the doctor.

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Ask the Expert

Have a gut feeling that something is “off” in your practice, but can’t seem to put your finger on it?

You have some sneaking suspicions that someone you thought you could trust may be stealing from you?

How do you create a practice with back to back accountability and easy oversight?

Are you reviewing the right reports for your practice? Do you have the right systems in place?

You are not alone.

If you have questions about your practice’s financial security, Susan Gunn has a solution. After completing worksheets regarding your practice, you will spend two hours together via remote access reviewing your practice software and financial systems.

Learn to look at your data through the Expert’s Eyes.

Together, you will begin to develop a plan for your practice. Whether you are looking for advice on the best systems and procedures or need to know how to protect your practice against fraud and embezzlement, it is time to Ask the Expert.

And if during our time together we discover embezzlement, the cost is credited to the ensuing fraud examination or a practice analysis.

Expert Lead, Client Controlled.  It is your call.

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QuickBooks Easy Start Package

Have you have been putting off using QuickBooks in your practice?

Would you like to have easy access to your financial reports?

Would you like to understand your financial reports?

Now is the time to get going.

There is a lot of negative talk regarding how professional practices are not accountants and therefore should not do accounting. They are wrong and here is why:

  • Practice owners are business owners.
  • Practice owners already do most of the accounting (receivables) in their practice software.
  • The part of accounting in QuickBooks (payables) is about 15% of the total accounting.
  • If you follow Susan’s strategy for using QuickBooks in your practice, it may take up to two hours a week only, though most say it is a little over an hour.

Susan provides “side-by-side” guidance that gives practices the needed confidence and encouragement to get started.

The QuickBooks Easy Start Package not only teaches you how to use QuickBooks Pro Desktop from the very beginning, but how to customize the details of your practice. After you purchase the QuickBooks Easy Start, here is how it works:

Step One: Fill out and fax back the Easy Start Questionnaire emailed to you

Step Two: Review the pre-session homework

Step Three: Purchase & install QuickBooks Pro

Step Four:  Call to schedule your first conference call

Step Five: Embark on your journey to mastering QuickBooks for your practice

No more excuses – Start getting the most out of QuickBooks in your practice!

What does the package include?

  • A customized QuickBooks data file
  • A Practice Management Chart of Accounts
  • Memorized monthly and weekly reports for easy review
  • Two 2-hour online coaching sessions with Susan
  • The Book, Getting The Most Out Of QuickBooks In Your Practice

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QuickBooks Extreme Makeover

Is your existing Chart of Accounts designed to help you understand your business, using words you actually understand?

What percentage of your income do your employees cost?

Do you understand your reports?

Are you working harder but not necessarily smarter in your QuickBooks?

Take your expense tracking beyond tax accounting and more towards business management. The QuickBooks Extreme Makeover gives you the control over your finances you have always wanted. Learn to use QuickBooks with confidence and manage your practice finances efficiently.

You are five hours away from a clean, well-organized and understandable QuickBooks.

Not only are your Chart of Accounts upgraded and optimized, you gain memorized weekly and monthly reports for your convenience. Plus, a two-hour consultation time included to review the changes and assess how to maximize your QuickBooks.

How long have you been frustrated with your QuickBooks?  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

Make this your year of sanity! Get your financial organization in QuickBooks under control so you can make wise practice decisions.

For QuickBooks files older than version 2018, you will be required to update to the current QuickBooks version.

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QuickBooks Prepaid Support

Have a question regarding your QuickBooks? Call someone who knows professional practices.

When you know you need help with your QuickBooks, but don’t know where to start, let Susan help you.

Got a list of questions you have always needed answering? Get those answers by calling the QuickBooks Expert for professional practices.

Why Susan?

  • 22 years of QuickBooks consulting for close to two thousand practices
  • 41 books written for professional practices on how to use QuickBooks In Your Practice
  • Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor since Intuit established the credential

What do you get in the two hours? Your choice.

Expert lead. Client controlled. It is your call to get your answers.

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QuickBooks File Review

Do you know if your QuickBooks living up to its fullest potential?

This in-depth file review will analyze your QuickBooks’ strengths, weaknesses, and repairs needed to get the most out of QuickBooks in your practice.

QuickBooks File Review is as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Purchase the QuickBooks File Review.
  2. Send me your QuickBooks Portable File.
  3. Receive your custom report.
  4. Implement the suggested changes to your QuickBooks.

What do you get in the report?

  • A list of observed errors
  • Chart of accounts
  • QuickBooks file weaknesses
  • A prognosis on how to best repair the problems.

That’s it!  Start strengthening your QuickBooks today.

FYI – if you need to talk or need guidance on how to implement the changes suggested in the report, the Prepaid Support will need to be purchased. The File eEview does not include any consultation time.

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