Ask the Expert Consultation



This is probably the greatest value offering from Susan!

Are you getting ready to sell the practice? Have you owned the practice for awhile but just need some insight? Are you a new dentist and do not know what you do not know, or should know?

This is the doctor’s opportunity to see their practice from the eyes of a seasoned fraud examiner. This completely customizable conference call can include:

  • researching any financial concerns (aka embezzlemen) regarding your practice
  • review existing systems and procedures in the practice
  • review both accounts payable (CPA, QuickBooks, AP software) and accounts receivable reports (practice software)
  • develop a plan for enhancing the internal controls of your practice
  • discuss any red flags discovered

It is your call how your time is spent, based on your concerns and your goals so gather your note pad because you will be gaining great insight!

AND, if a fraud examination or a practice analysis is pursued as a result of this time together, the cost of this consultation call is credited to the fraud examination or practice analysis.

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