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The Mind of an Embezzler:  Unrelenting Greed

Embezzlement is alive and well in our society.

During the lifespan of a 30 year practice, there will be at least one embezzler, one thief on the payroll.

And, it is always someone the doctor trusts.

How then, can you help protect the practice?

Protecting a practice becomes easier once the mind of the embezzler is understood.

This is truly a unique presentation as there are seven logical steps involved in an employee stealing from a practice.

Attendees are fully engaged listening to the audio letters from Leona, the Queen of Embezzlement, as she writes to Avarice, her novice, what it takes to embezzle and how to do it step-by-step.

Susan unveils the one area that is not addressed in typical embezzlement courses – their mind. Even armed with a degree in psychology, it is, quite frankly, a harrowing place to go.

Seven informative letters are culled from past cases, interviews from doctors, spouses, staff and even the embezzlers themselves. The words are from the embezzler’s viewpoint. Attendees hear her voice, frightening in some cases as it is.

Come learn the following key issues:

  • The mind of an embezzler
  • The actions of an embezzler
  • The behavior of an embezzler
  • The effects of an embezzler
  • How to protect against an embezzler

This presentation is for Doctors and Spouses Only.

Presentation Length: 3 hrs

From the Embezzlement Forensic Files

Straight from the headlines, it’s the who, what, where, when, and how of embezzlement. Discover fresh insight into the types of people who steal from a practice, what makes a practice vulnerable, where to look for signs of fraud, and how to safeguard against embezzlement.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify weak points in the practice
  • Where to look for warning signs of fraud
  • Implement the best systems and procedures to protect the practice

This presentation is for Doctors and Spouses Only.

Presentation Length: 2.5 hrs  to 3 hrs.

Embezzlement: For Your Eyes (& Ears) Only

Practice embezzlement appears to be at an all-time high with no signs of slowing.

By facilitating hands-on round table discussions, attendees will evaluate real embezzlement case studies, to touch, feel, and see the practice flaws that enable embezzlement. Then, Susan gives practice owners the tools and know-how to stop embezzlement before it goes too far.

Attendees learn easy ways to weave accountability ‘threads’ using proven systems and procedures, and implement practical safeguards to help their practice avoid becoming  an unknowing victim of financial dishonesty or deceit.  This 3-hour hands-on ’round table’ experience is truly both enlightening and frightening at the same time.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop implementable systems and procedures
  • Grasp the cost of embezzlement
  • Establish who should control of the practice
  • Create a task list of immediate to-dos

This presentation is for Doctors and Spouses Only.

Presentation Length: 3 hrs.



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