Matters Of The Heart: A Journey in Caring For Aging Loved Ones



Elder care is on the increase and the personal involvement of the younger members of the family is unavoidable.

For 16 years, Susan’s primary job was caregiving for her elderly parents, while managing a successful business. You will laugh, and maybe cry, as you learn concrete ways to guide your loved ones into their elder years, both physically and emotionally, to embrace what can be a rewarding role.

The lessons she learned on the caregiving journey need to be shared. The physical and emotional aspects of caregiving are many, both to the aging and the provider. The journey is full of life-changing, life-altering questions that have never been asked nor answered at that point in our lives.

  • When do you intervene in your parent’s driving?
  • How do you get involved in your parent’s medical care and life caring decisions?
  • When do you become a parent of your parents?
  • How do you protect your parent’s finances and living environment?
  • And, in the midst of it all, how do you maintain a sense of sanity?

Beyond the scope of QuickBooks, beyond the scope of Embezzlement, this is entirely within the realm of Susan’s expertise. Armed with a degree in psychology, a business financial background, and sixteen full years of caregiving, your audience receives step by step checklists of what to talk about with parents or children, what to expect, along with worst and best case scenarios.

The caregiving journey is full of questions. “Been there, done that,” Susan says.

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