Money In, Money Out: $en$ible Financial Organization…


Business Management and Financial Organization with Dual Practice Software

The voice on the other end of the phone was beyond frustrated. It was the Office Manager and Doctor of a lucrative practice trying to make sense of what their practice software stated they received as income vs what the CPA had on the financial reports. It was a tangled mess and they needed help!

The challenge of dual business software exists. Money In, Money Out does not deal with the step-by-step process of how to use either software, but instead focuses on how the day-to-day process of organizing that financial information can and should be managed … together. With dual business software use in the practice, the necessity for a book that defines the systems and procedures in a practice has grown imperative.

Written by the Financial Organizational Expert, Susan Gunn pulls from her 21 years of working with practices nationally to understand the business side of their practice and how to organize their financial information by implementing systems and procedures to help protect the practice from embezzlement.

Valuable advice from notable industry thought leaders include Teresa Duncan (Odyssey Management), Kim McClesky (Avitus Group), Andy Cleveland (Dental Accounts Receivable Ninja), Cheryl Donahue (Merchant Advocate), Sally McKenzie (McKenzie Management), Debbie Castagna (Castagna Coaching), Kate Willeford (Willeford Group), Theresa Narantic (Theresa Narantic Inc.), and Virginia Moore (Moore Practice Success).

Topics include: establishing your practice’s financial flow; back-to-back accountability between the bank, practice software and the accounts payable software; entanglements of insurance payments; outrageous merchant card service providers; end of day/month/year checklists; how to choose a great CPA; how many bank accounts do you really need; paying employees is a good idea; modeling integrity in your practice; and so much more.

Susan’s 40th book, Money In, Money Out offers readers a mesmerizing plot line about financial organization and the spellbinding romantic relationship between the three major players: #1 Accounts Receivable (Money In), #2 Accounts Payable (Money Out) and #3 what’s left at the end of the day in your bank account!

BONUS: Not only do you get this content-rich book, but all forms, checklists and spreadsheets mentioned are available to download with the purchase of the book!