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Is your existing QuickBooks designed to help you understand your business, using words you actually understand?

Do you know what percentage of your income your employees cost?

How do you compare to last year’s income and expenses?

Do you understand your reports?

Are you working harder but not necessarily smarter in your QuickBooks?

What is the actual health of your QuickBooks data file?

Take your expense tracking beyond tax accounting and more towards business management, which helps you actually manage the business of your practice! 

Designed for professional practices using QuickBooks Pro desktop version, the QuickBooks Extreme Makeover gives you the control over your finances you have always wanted. Learn to use QuickBooks with confidence to oversee your practice finances efficiently.

Professional practices use dual accounting software: practice management software (accounts receivable) and QuickBooks (accounts payable).

You are hours away from a clean, well-organized and understandable QuickBooks.

Not only are your Chart of Accounts upgraded and optimized, you gain memorized weekly and monthly reports for your convenience. Susan keeps a detailed list of suggested process changes for consideration that are discussed during a two-hour consultation time, to review the changes and assess how to maximize your QuickBooks going forward.

How long have you been frustrated with your QuickBooks?  

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

Make this your year of sanity!  Get your financial organization in QuickBooks under control so you can make wise practice decisions.

For QuickBooks Pro files older than version 2020, you will be required to update to the current QuickBooks version. If you are using QuickBooks Mac version or QuickBooks Online, please call for current available services.

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