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Do you need an outside set of expert eyes to oversee your financial processes?

This popular, yet previously unadvertised service, was originally designed for clients that have been embezzled or those that have taken advantage of the Ask The Expert Conference Call.

The Quarterly Integrity Oversight includes:

  1. Review of existing back-to-back financial accountability
  2. Review of patient adjustments
  3. Review of additional financial areas
  4. Brief report plus one hour coaching call with doctor owner

Many practice owners simply do not have time to oversee the important and vulnerable areas of the practice. The Quarterly Integrity Oversight is a cost effective strategy to help protect the practice from embezzlement, as well as ensuring the systems and procedures for the practice are well established and followed.

Whether you are a new practice owner or an estabilished practice owner, you will benefit from this reasonably priced Quarterly Integrity Oversight.

Schedule an exploration phone call with Susan to discuss how this valuable service could help your practice maintain their financial integrity.

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