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Ever wonder if you are truly using QuickBooks correctly or maximizing its use?

Answer the following questions

  1. Is your QuickBooks setup appropriately for a professional practice?
  2. Do you understand your chart of accounts?
  3. Should you be audited, can you rely on your QuickBooks?
  4. Is your QuickBooks setup for taxes or for business analysis?
  5. Are you a new QuickBooks user and you want someone to “check” your efforts?
  6. Are you truly using QuickBooks correctly or maximizing its use?

Six simple questions.

With the QuickBooks File Review, you will send SGS a QuickBooks Portable File.

Susan will then review your data and return a report of the practice’s current QuickBooks file specifying:

  1. Observed errors,
  2. Chart of accounts inadequacies,
  3. QuickBooks file weaknesses,
  4. And a prognosis on how to best repair the problems.

QuickBooks File Review is a great place to start.

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