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"I know how it feels to be frustrated by computers and software. My goal is to take the stress away and add a fresh, fun ease of use to your practice and business processes!"

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Providing solutions for

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Welcome To Susan Gunn Solutions

Susan Gunn is the QuickBooks expert’s Expert.

But her impressive talents go far beyond her QuickBooks expertise.

Susan has worked with thousands of professional practices around the world, advising and guiding them on how to implement sound business practices. 

That expertise takes the work and worry out of setting up and using a technology-based financial accounting system and simplifies the process to manage a practice's business finances more efficiently, beyond tax accounting. 

Her tools?  Knowledge, wisdom, patience, listening. 

And her heart's desire is to share them with you. 

This website is just one of these examples. Welcome.

Download Caregiving: Matters of the Heart here

What you should know about Susan Gunn, CFE:

She is a published author and popular speaker, as well as a highly sought-after consultant.

Her Courses are sold out. 

Her books are filled with everything a practice needs to know about using QuickBooks in their practice or simply using a computer.

Her services are based on client needs. 

Her website is a goldmine of information and resources, as thousands of satisfied clients know.

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