Month: March 2018

Step Away From the Intensity of Caregiving

March 26, 2018

On March 21st, 9-1-1, a new show on FOX, aired the latest episode, “A Whole New You.” There has been a compelling story line into the trials and tribulations of family caregiving. In fact, that is the story line that drew me into the show. Abby, one of the show’s protagonists, is a caregiver for her […]

Collection Agencies 101

March 19, 2018

By Guest Blogger: Andy Cleveland Selecting a collection agency is like purchasing a hand piece, a car or a toothbrush: not all are created equal. Depending on the customer and circumstance, factors to consider are cost, risk versus reward, patient relationships, staffing scenario and brand coherence. Lately, there have been a noticeable amount of social […]

March 14, 2008 Atlanta, GA

March 14, 2018

Ten years ago, at 9:15pm, I made a decision that saved my life. Two blocks away, the Kentucky Wildcats were up next to play in the Georgia dome and I was determined to watch at least a little of the game. Having presented for a day and a half beforehand, and with another speaking day […]

Merchant Services 101: Part 1

March 6, 2018

Introduction To A (Mostly) Unregulated Industry By Guest Blogger: Cheryl Donahue Editor’s Note: Dealing with merchant card service providers in business can be costly. That’s why I invited Cheryl Donahue to guest blog and provide insight to help save us some $$$$. This is part one of her three part series. Behind the system that allows […]