Month: April 2018

Caring For Those You Leave Behind

April 30, 2018

No one ever envisions a sudden death happening to them. Consequently, drafting up a will tends to be the furthest thing from the mind. However, if you are part of the family left behind, dealing with emotional loss is just the beginning of a long, difficult and challenging road ahead. I know this because I […]

Merchant Services 101: Part II

April 16, 2018

PCI COMPLIANCE: WHAT IS IT AND WHY DOES IT MATTER? By Guest Blogger: Cheryl Donahue Whenever a merchant processes, stores or transmits cardholder data, they are claiming responsibility for protecting that information. Failure to properly secure sensitive information can result in costly fines, audit costs, restrictions or worse should an actual breach occur. To ensure […]

Data Mining, Breaches, Privacy – Oh No!

April 11, 2018

In a news clip on CBS This Morning, three Silicon Valley CEOs agreed that data was the most valuable resource on the planet. In the clip, the speakers talk about surveillance capitalism: gathering as much information as possible of every user on the internet, which is “being used to not only watch people, but influence them, predict […]

Another Data Breach

April 2, 2018

5 Million Credit and Debit Cards Are For Sale. The average internet consumer will not participate in this sale, but if you shop on the dark web, you could. This data breach, sponsored by Saks and Lord & Taylor customers, is a result of a mafia hacker group known as Joker’s Stash. The group was […]