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Because for some reason, we want to believe we can get something for nothing.  We believe we deserve it, are entitled for it.  The number of existing scams is mind boggling.  Has our society truly dumbed down to the point that scammers are encouraged to ramp up their efforts?

I am so weary of the live phone calls, robocalls, emails, and snail mail trying to part my hard earned money from my possession via their deceptive means.

I received a somewhat official looking document from “The National Travel and Tourism Association.”  Being involved in the Arlington Conventions and Visitors Bureau here in Arlington, I at the least opened it up.

I knew it was a scam the second I read the first sentence.  My Dad was the one that taught me there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Why do people believe there is a “free lunch?”
They want it to be true?
It must feed a vulnerable need.

I was curious what others have said about the NTTA scam so I “Googled” it.

I found this article by Neal Rubin of the Detroit News.  He penned it well so there is no need for me to drag it on.  Read his article.

Particularly vulnerable are the aging.  Please please please have conversations with all your aging loved ones about the growing scams and that they are not to give under any circumstances their credit card, bank information or home address to anyone via the telephone or email.

And to not click on any links to verify their passwords.  Walk them through the dangers of doing so that they may understand the necessity and urgency.

And to not believe what they receive in the mail without validating it with others.

In the meantime, remember:

Microsoft will not call you about a computer having a virus.
The IRS will not call you requesting payment for outstanding taxes.
The county will not call you threatening you with an arrest for failure to appear for jury duty.
There is no Nigerian prince or any other country for that matter who died and you can inherit his money.
None of your friends will call you from overseas wanting you to wire them money for their surgery, or bail, or anything.
The NTTA does not want to give you airfare and hotel free without many many strings attached.

The only free lunch you will get is if you are with friends eating out and they pick up the tab.  AND, PLEASE validate and verify everything before sharing or posting anything.

This misled recipients that they were receiving a gift from someone.