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Money In, Money Out:  Easily Organizing All The Moving Pieces

Accounting has never been a trendy topic among doctors, but Susan is on a mission to change their minds. Regardless of the accounting software a practice is (or isn’t) using, the organization of financial information is essential to understanding and utilizing business trends.

A healthcare practice has two accounting software systems: the practice management software (accounts receivable) and the accounting software or CPA (accounts payable). In this digital information age, there are more moving parts than ever. From banks, credit cards and merchant card services to insurance companies and payment plans, there is a lot to keep track of and stay HIPPA compliant in the process.

Susan will break down the basics of organizing your practice finances to a working financial system, in easy to implement steps. After this course, attendees will know how to create highly effective systems for goal planning and financial analysis.

This course is based on the book Money In, Money Out (2019) by Susan Gunn and is available for purchase for the attendees at a Distributor rate by the meeting.

Presentation Length: 2.5 hrs to 3 hrs

Learning Objectives

  • Create effective Practice Management Charts of Accounts
  • Organize accountability between accounting and practice software
  • Track and utilize business trends from financial reports
  • Integrate the practice with the digital information age
  • Identify accounting options and their realistic timeframes
  • Conduct end-of-day, month and year procedures
  • Differentiate between a check scanner and check processor
  • Seamlessly work with a CPA
  • Gain financial insight into your practice from the Financial Organizational expert herself, Susan Gunn, An Agent of Change.

The Other Half Of The Practice Software Equation: QuickBooks Pro

It’s time to address the other half of your practice’s accounting:  QuickBooks.  You received training on the practice software but maybe you’ve been winging it on QuickBooks.

Dual accounting software – can there be an “accountable” system?

No worries. Help is right around the corner. Fret no longer.

Throughout the day, patient treatment, clinical notes, insurance claims and payments are entered into the practice software – accounts receivable management.

But what’s entered into QuickBooks – accounts payable management?

What’s the best way to enter patient plan deposits?  How (and when) should payroll be processed?

What reports should the doctors review?  Is QuickBooks organized in such a way that you know what percentage of income your staff cost vs. production expenses?

Not the typical software or accounting course, attendees laugh while they learn, and will walk away ready to implement!

Attendees will learn what they need to maximize their QuickBooks Pro (desktop version) beyond taxes, to a highly effective yet simple practice management tool for financial analysis and goal planning, taking their business organization and management to the next level.

This course is based on the book Getting The Most Out of QuickBooks Pro In Your Practice (2022) by Susan Gunn and is available for purchase for the attendees at a Distributor rate by the meeting.

Presentation Length: 2.5 hrs to 3 hrs

Learning Objectives

  • Practice Management Chart of Accounts
  • Bank accounts
  • Deposits
  • Passwords
  • Credit card payments
  • Working with your CPA

Moohlah Matters: Money In, Money Out

Dentistry is hard but how do you manage the practice’s Moohlah?

If we have learned anything these past two years, it is we might need our financial information quickly, at a moment’s notice and it needs to be accurate.

But the money comes in one software and goes out from another software, froth with potential pitfalls between.

There are 3 common organizational problems areas with clear, tangible solutions.

  • Not having back-to-back accountability between software
  • Not having either software designed for business management
  • Not knowing where to find the reports to review

Spend time organizing and save your Moohlah!

Presentation Length: 1.5 to 2 hrs

Three Distressing Financial Practice Nightmares: Money In, Money Out

This unique course explores 3 intriguing financial practice nightmare cases that truly could have been avoided with a little know-how.

Come ready to take notes on logical systems to implement in your practice.

You do not want to be one of the stories you hear in the news or whispered about in meetings.

We will review these scenarios:

  • PPP, EIDL Loan, & Tax Fraud, oh my
  • No, I am not surprised she stole from you
  • You finally have time to look at your finances and…

Confucius said, “To know what you know and what you do not know is true knowledge.”

Both can be learned in this course!

Presentation Length: 1.5 to 2 hrs



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