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7 degrees yesterday could not keep me from picking up the new books from the printer. I still shake my head when I realize how many of these I have written over the years.
In 1997, a doctor gave me an idea and one that I mistakenly thought would be a quick write. It would provide passive income while I was caring for my parents. I told my Dad that I thought it might take a couple of weeks to write. After all, I was just writing down what I would say if I was in their practice. Ha.

After a couple of months, Dad and I were talking by his shop. He believed in, and was supportive of, what I was doing. He was curious as to why it was taking so long to write the book.
That’s when an old haunt reared its ugly head – I was afraid of failure. “What if they don’t like it, Dad? What if I am just wasting my time?”
He laughed and looked at me intently as he said, “Well, honey, you won’t know any of those answers until you get ‘er done! Now, get back to work. You have a book to finish.”
That was 38 books ago. The years saw endless days of editing on hospital trays and interruptions for family emergencies. Written over 20 years; for doctors, dentists, veterinarians and chiropractors, there have been over 5000 sold; and many practices proudly ordering “generations” through the years. And even though I could order mass quantities online, I still use and support a local printer.
That is amazing.
38. 39 is almost ready for print. 40 will be a new edition to the family and is in writing at this time. I stand amazed.

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