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Such a mundane activity but the afternoon has been spent culling out names of past audience participants, who have heard me speak, who no longer read the valuable emails I send. I know that someone else could perhaps do what I am doing, but the decision to remove them from the list is mine to make.

How long has it been since they opened an email from Susan Gunn Solutions? I know the lack of consistency on my part has driven down the actual open rates but I do not want to be a pest with emails. And, if they have what looks like may be an old email, then that might also explain why the email hasn’t been open.

Since the cost to send an email is based on the number of those on the list, I’ve also began unsubscribing to the emails that I receive that are never read. I never read them so by unsubscribing NICELY, I am saving them money. My Inbox is inundated with daily emails of valuable content. I could not possibly read them all. Those I want to read are moved to a folder accessible by my ipad to read later. Most others are deleted.

What started this tedious activity? I finished writing an article to be sent out next week to the email list on Spring Cleaning. The contact list haunted me, with the words of what I had written repeating themselves throughout the morning. It was an in-my-face experience that left me resigned to go through the email list one by one. It will take weeks but there is a plan.

AND, if you receive an email next week about Spring Cleaning, then you have made the cut. If you do not, you need to sign up for newsletters on my website at susangunnsolutions.com.

After all, who wouldn’t want to read my valuable content?

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