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There is important info about QuickBooks 2022. Intuit is changing their strategy for QuickBooks desktop version pricing and it includes an annual subscription model. There are many reasons they are going to an annual model, one being getting more money for the same software but the other being forcing old versions to be updated.

As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, I received an email from Intuit outlining the changes that are ahead, including “returning to US based support” within 9-12 months, for ProAdvisors. Reading between those lines, that means everyone else will probably have non-US based support. Just to remind you, I have always provided US based support for you! But Intuit is doing that because of one of the other changes.

QuickBooks 2022

Including in the 2022 subscription based version is unlimited customer support and data recovery. Keep in mind, most support agents will still not understand that dental, medical, veterinary and chiropractic practices use dual accounting software in your practice, your practice management software for A/R and QuickBooks for your A/P, but that is a great value to have support included.

The difference is the subscription model itself. Previously, when you purchased QuickBooks, you purchased a license, that allowed you to use that software for as long as you wanted. However, now when you purchase the 2022, it will stop working if you do not repurchase, year after year. Microsoft paved the way for this with their Office 365. If you do not renew the subscription, you do not have access to those programs. At some point in the near future, all software will follow this model.

What was not included in the email was the actual pricing for the 2022 version subscription model. It is scheduled for public release on October 12. However, Sam’s Club is preselling the 2022 QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, at this time, which is $249.98 for a 12 + 3 bonus months subscription. Costco is doing this as well. Not to be left behind, so is Amazon but it does not seem to include the three additional months.

There is a slim window of opportunity for you desktop users to avoid the subscription based version. You may purchase the 2021 QuickBooks Pro licensed version until December 2021, which you may use until May 2024, according to the email. If you are using a 2019 or 2020 desktop pro version, I recommend you upgrade to 2021 now. That version is on Amazon for $399.99.

BE SURE to clarify your purchase says Subscription NO Where on the product information before purchasing.

QuickBooks Pro Desktop version is still the product I recommend. Many others may recommend QB Online for their end game benefit but I have nothing to gain by sticking by my recommendation of the desktop version. The reasons I do not recommend the Online version remains the same. Just to be clear, the Essentials Online version costs $525.00 annually but does include 3 users. Most practices that I have worked with on the Online version have the Plus version, which is $840 a year, including 5 users.

But the Online version is not the QuickBooks desktop version simply online. It has fewer features that help practices organize their information. I still have hope that some day the online version will address all of my issues and be the amazing product that it could be, but is not yet.

Are there alternate options? Sure. Again, your practice software is actually 85% of all the accounting. Only 15% is done in an “accounting software.” Even as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, my love relationship with Intuit ended many years ago. HOWEVER, having said that, I still believe for that 15% of a practice’s need, it is the QuickBooks Pro version that is the best product and the easiest to use in a practice.